Nikhil Chandrappa
Scalable and Resilient GraphQL Subscriptions with Distributed SQL Databases
GraphQL subscriptions are seeing broad adoption in building event-driven microservices. Like any other tech stack, as end-user traffic increases, App developers will be faced to scale the workload and make workload highly available against infrastructure outages. GraphQL subscriptions are no different. In this talk, we will walk through steps for implementing resilient and scalable GraphQL subscriptions using Hasura Engine and YugabyteDB on Kubernetes. Components of the stack, including the database, can be linearly scaled independently of each other. In addition to linear scalability, GraphQL subscriptions will inherently become resilient against outages due to the fault tolerance and HA capabilities of distributed SQL databases.
Talk Takeaways
Ability to linearly scale the GraphQL subscriptions transparently with out any downtime for client apps.
About the speakers
Nikhil Chandrappa
Software Engineer Lead,
Nikhil works in ecosystem engineering team at Yugabyte. He is leading the efforts on YugabyteDB integrations with open source developer tools like GraphQL, Spring Data, R2DBC, and Kubernetes. He also works with the developer community on the adoption of Distributed SQL databases in cloud native applications. Before joining Yugabyte, he worked as a senior data engineer at Pivotal, championing the cloud native data APIs and in-memory data grids for Fortune 500 customers. He has presented at major developer conferences, including Spring One, GraphQL Conferences. He is originally from Mysore, India, and has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.
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