Greg MacWilliam
Reintroducing Schema Stitching in 2021
The Schema Stitching library was completely overhauled last year after becoming a project of The Guild. Learn about the new features it offers for building a distributed service graph, and how it has reemerged as a directly-comparable alternative to Apollo Federation.
Talk Takeaways
Dispel old notions of this project that was famously abandoned by Apollo. Schema Stitching has been completely revitalized, and offers some unique features that innovate upon building a GraphQL gateway.
About the speakers
Greg	MacWilliam
Senior Software Engineer,
Vox Media
Greg is a GraphQL enthusiast, full-time dad, and loyal subject to a mini Australian shepherd. He is the author of the Schema Stitching Handbook, a founding member of the Scryfall team, and co-author of the What Makes You Tick? adventure game series.
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