Yudai Shinnoki
Monorepo development using Hasura role and GraphQL Code Generator
When your system grows above a certain size, you may need to handle multiple privileges, such as users and administrators. Hasura GraphQL Engine allows you to manage GraphQL permissions through a mechanism of roles and permissions. Based on the actual experience of using Hasura for the development of Digi Chime, we will talk about how to use Hasura roles, precautions for implementation, and efficient development method in combination with GraphQL Code Generator in monorepo configuration.
Talk Takeaways
  • starOverview of Hasura roles and permissions
  • starNotes when setting multiple Hasura roles
  • starRecommended setting method of GraphQL Code Generator when there are multiple roles (Deploy monorepo using Vercel)
About the speakers
Yudai Shinnoki
Taking advantage of his experience in launching more than 10 new services, he has been leading the development of the store customer service support service "Digi Chime" since May 2020 as CTO of WASD Inc.
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