Peter Piekarczyk
GraphQL: Wrong Answers Only!
We've all made silly mistakes using GraphQL in the past. To prove it, here are all the *doh* moments Draftbit has had in the last 2 years of using it.
We'll make fun of me for totally missing the ball on:
  • starDataloader & over fetching data
  • starIncorrectly using resolvers
  • starWriting custom non-graphql specific queries
and many more! Learn about the mistakes we made and how you can prevent yourself from doing the same 😂
Talk Takeaways
  • starWe're all human beings and make mistakes
  • starThese are actual life lessons: learn how to use GraphQL better
About the speakers
Peter Piekarczyk
Co-Founder & CTO,
Peter Piekarczyk has always been a builder. He started his first agency when he was 12 selling website templates on eBay. He's the co-founder and CTO of YC backed Draftbit, a platform that helps you build mobile apps with any backend (including Hasura!) Peter is Expo's first user and has helped grow the React Native community over the years.
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