Wojciech Trocki
Connect your enterprise systems with GraphQL using Apache Kafka and Hasura
When your infrastructure grow and your API gets out of control. Your manager tells you to implement GraphQL... this talk is going to show you the way.
Explore magical word of data streaming to integrate your various subsystems with Hasura. This talk is going to show you easy steps to move to production in weeks with Hasura and Apache Kafka.
Talk Takeaways
  • starHasura gateway has no limitations when working along side Apache Kafka. You can integrate with any data source, API or even file system to build production ready GraphQL API
  • starLarge organizations will require flexibility and ability to integrate with legacy subsystems but they will greatly benefit from unified GraphQL API solution like Hasura.
  • starApache Kafka is not receiving enough attention in GraphQL ecosystem - lets change that.
  • starData streaming can be used to deliver real time data alongside GraphQL API
About the speakers
Wojciech Trocki
Principal Software Engineer, AeroGear,
Red Hat
I write GraphQL backends for living. In free time I'm creating new ideas for GraphQL frontend libraries and tools. I have been maintaining numerous GraphQL libraries and creating starter templates for GraphQL and enterprise developers
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