Brooke Swanson
A Tale of Inherited Projects and why we kept Hasura
In late 2019 my team inherited a proof of concept system that felt impossible to pick apart. We had a tight deadline and looking at an infrastructure map that inexplicably included Kafka it was hard not to question the inclusion of a new piece of tech like Hasura. Couldn't everything be a simple REST service at the end of the day? Eventually we decided to cut our losses and start from scratch. The only thing that survived our hard refresh was Hasura. This talk will go through our journey, touching on: why we decided to keep Hasura, our learnings along the way, and the gotchas that, well got us.
Talk Takeaways
Hasura is a pretty neat sharp tool. A team full of RESTful veterans can level up in a GraphQL world quickly. The interplay between postgres + hasura (GraphQL) + React + a simple backend service, makes for a resilient, easy to support service.
About the speakers
Brooke Swanson
Software Engineer,
I'm a Madison, Wisconsin based software developer. In a non pandemic world you can find me in a local coffee shop, writing code, reading fantasy, or looking at cat pictures. I've been closing parens professionally for a little over 3 years. Although I'm based in the midwest I spend much of my time traveling.
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