Radoslav Stankov
Radoslav Stankov
Talk Title
3 Year GraphQL in Production at Product Hunt
Talk Abstract
Lessons learned from 4 years running GraphQL on top of Ruby on Rails. The talk will focus on concrete problems and their solutions.
Talk Description
Show all mistakes and solution to problems, I have encountered during the last year and a half when replacing Product Hunt REST API with GraphQL. Show how GraphQL can improve the application structure of a Rails application. So it is effortless for backend developers to develop and maintain features. Integrating GraphQL with Rails resolver first schema design application structure authorization optimization and performance monitoring making frontend and backend tools to play well with each other
ABOUT Radoslav Stankov
Web developer with 15+ years of experience, currently is head of engineering at Product Hunt (by Angel List). Lately, he is juggling between Ruby, Javascript, and Elixir projects, with the belief that it’s equally important to work both on the frontend and on the backend. Organizer of React.Sofia meetup, React.NotAConf conference.
Bengaluru, Karnataka