Manish Jain
Manish Jain
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At Dgraph we love GraphQL, so much that we built our graph database around the language. Early on, we decided we should modify the language in order to make it a better graph query language, therefore creating GraphQL+-. That decision was not without an important trade-off. By abandoning the specification we also made it harder to interact with the rest of the very rich GraphQL ecosystem. We recently decided to provide a GraphQL compliant spec API in addition to the existing GraphQL+- one, and our plans now include migrating some of the constructs we added to GraphQL+- back into GraphQL without breaking compatibility.How can we build recursive queries, group by values, or structurally change a response to our queries in GraphQL? Well, that’s the great question we are answering at Dgraph and we want to share our solutions, prototypes, and future ideas.
ABOUT Manish Jain
Manish Jain is the founder of Dgraph Labs and the author of Dgraph, Badger, and Ristretto. He got thrust into real-time distributed systems right out of college, working in Web Search and Knowledge Graph infrastructure group at Google for 6.5 years. He led various projects to consolidate and serve all structured data including the knowledge graph right behind web search by building a graph indexing and serving system. After leaving Google, he decided to use this knowledge to build a scalable graph database, which could be used by big and small companies alike to serve the increasingly complex data warranted by today's applications. He has given multiple talks at various Go meetups and conferences, most notably in Gophercon Shanghai where he presented in front of a thousand developers.
Bengaluru, Karnataka