Lachlan Young
Lachlan Young
Talk Title
How to convince your boss to use GraphQL
Talk Abstract
Being the new kid In town, GraphQL certainly has it’s appeal to gen-pop of our tech jungle. But how do you integrate and/or replace the king without alienating the rest of your subjects? Join me in discussing the philosophy behind API design and how/why it is imperative to the success of a product.
Talk Description
GraphQL is rolling out quicker and quicker as the community around it grows and improves what was once just a vision. Yet each addition to our tech stack, brings with it its own core problems, most notably of which is how to replace the old? To date one of the biggest barriers to entry with a GraphQL API is the technical debt of maintaining two APIs or alternatively, the consequences of deprecating the Industry standard in its favour. Fortunately, we can look to our predecessors as this is not the first time our API standard has been challenged. Whilst GraphQL itself is intended to be a layer, connecting two sides of an intricately woven coin of routes, operations and responses. GraphQL faces the same problems REST initially did when attempting to scrub itself clean of SOAP, XML and the like. On the menu today we will be starting with a smooth overview of previous successors, followed by an in-depth comparison of working with both a Server-less private GraphQL Api and, a monolithic Versioned API designed for private and public consumption alike. For dessert a few war stories chased with a generous helping of philosophy around the importance of APIs and how they truly dictate the balance between success and failure of a product.
ABOUT Lachlan Young
When I’m not taking long walks on the beach or pursuing some ridiculous side project with the excuse of ‘learning a new skillset’ cough weebg cough, you’ll find me 9-5 overselling my skills and thriving under the pressure at Tanda. I’m a self taught programmer who has a degree in game development and included in my skillset is the ability to not take myself to seriously. I got my start creating a White Label API for a company called Fabric and programming quickly became my full time hobby. For the last two years I have been fortunate enough to find myself on a multitude of different projects including computational pointcloud calculations with C++, web development with Polymer, Full Stack React development, a GraphQL React native app and finally, a monolithic powerhouse utilising all my past experience to build a platform using Ruby, NodeJs, React, GraphQL and React. The saying goes “find something you love and do it on the weekends”. I found that out after I found full time employment and I am the living embodyment that one size does not fit all. I;m at a stage in my ‘journey’ if you will, where I am looking to give back whilst the beginning is still fresh. If I can help you with that at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Bengaluru, Karnataka