Amey Banarse
Amey Banarse
Principal Data Architect
YugaByte DB
Talk Title
Turbocharging scalability of GraphQL services with a Distributed SQL DB
Talk Description
GraphQL, with its roots in some of the biggest internet companies like Facebook, was created to simplify cloud-native application development without compromising performance or security. However, the ability to scale out on-demand, the need for high availability and tolerating cloud outages are omnipresent in cloud-native architectures. Hasura is a popular, open-source GraphQL engine that works on top of a PostgreSQL database to instantly give you a production-ready GraphQL API. However, vanilla PostgreSQL is not horizontally scalable or highly available. YugabyteDB, an open-source, distributed SQL database was built to support all PostgreSQL features with full wire-compatibility to address exactly these needs - massive scalability, high availability and geo-distribution of data. In this talk, we will look at what features are needed in a distributed SQL database to support a GraphQL engine like Hasura. We will also look at the open-source distributed SQL DB landscape, and how YugabyteDB has been optimized for scaling the Hasura GraphQL engine.
Bengaluru, Karnataka