Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai Gopal

Co-Founder, Hasura



Tanmai Gopal is the CEO, co-founder of Hasura. He is a StackOverflow powered fullstack developer whose areas of interest and work span react, GraphQL, nodejs, haskell, docker, postgres & kubernetes. He is passionate about making it easy to build complex things and is the instructor of India's largest MOOC imad.tech with over 250,000 students.


Building a high-performance realtime GraphQL API on existing databases and data sources

In this talk, I will talk about the approach we took at Hasura of building a GraphQL API that can leverage an existing database. I will cover the approach that we took of building a declarative authorization system, addressing the n+1 database query problem and other performance improvements. I’ll also touch upon “realtime” GraphQL (live-queries vs events) and what approach Hasura took. And achieving performance/scalability.With GraphQL making it easy to “join data” across tables, I’ll also talk about how we extend that idea, to “join data” between a table and an existing API.

Timings: 10:30 - 11:00 (Day 2)

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