Richard Threlkeld

Richard Threlkeld

Sr. Engineer, AWS (Mobile)



Richard Threlkeld is a Sr. Engineer in AWS Mobile and was the founding member of AWS AppSync and Amplify teams. Previously he worked in the field helping customers build web and mobile solutions with AWS technologies, including data processing for AdTech and Gaming industries. Today, he is responsible for the end to end experience for customers building mobile and web applications in the Amplify Framework.


Web and native clients – GraphQL design patterns for realtime and offline app architecture

A deep dive into native mobile and web app development with GraphQL, specifically on learnings from the past 2 years of working with customers who are building these apps. Richard will detail tradeoffs in application design across JS, iOS, and Android as well as subscription and offline programming scenarios with how this relates to GraphQL. Finally he will talk about the architecture patterns that you can use on the backend to make the applications simpler and what is scalable in different scenarios.

Timings: 17:40 - 6:10 (Day 1)

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