Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas

Distinguished Engineer, Intuit



Peter is a full-stack engineer who enjoys building and mentoring technology teams. An avid open-source enthusiast, Peter's first open-source project 'CB2XML' was created on SourceForge way back in 2004 and incredibly still sees active releases by the current maintainers. His latest open-source initiative is a web-services test-automation framework called 'Karate' - that has racked up 1700+ GitHub "stars" in less than two years. Peter also features in the TechBeacon list of "Test Automation Leaders to Follow in 2019".


GraphQL Test-Automation with Karate

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks and performance-testing into a single, unified framework. In this talk, you get to hear from the creator of Karate as to how it greatly simplifies the integration testing of GraphQL. Karate's native support for JSON, JsonPath and JavaScript means that you can zoom into interesting parts of your response payloads and perform complex assertions. This is especially important for GraphQL - since responses are highly dynamic, and do not typically conform to a fixed schema. And since you can run tests in parallel - you can dramatically crunch your test execution time.

Timings: 14:40 - 14:48 (Day 2)

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