Madhu Jahagirdar

Madhu Jahagirdar

Principal Architect, Philips



Madhu Jahagirdar is the Principal Architect & Head of Engineering and Design at Radiology Solutions within the imaging space at Philips. He’s passionate about transforming the human race using technology and compassion. Madhu has worked extensively in software architecture including Big data Analytics, Real Time Analytics, WebScale Architecture, Low latency web applications, Search Engine Architecture, Service Architecture, Mobile Architecture on IOS and Android Platforms. He has Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from India, along with several certifications from MIT and University of Washington, including in the areas of Business Administration, Human computer Interface design, Network Engineering, Information Security and Risk management. Madhu is currently pursuing additional certification in Advanced Certificate for Executives from MIT..


How GraphQL adds strategic value at every stage of the digital transformation process - stories from Philips Healthcare

In this talk, I will talk about the digital transformation that we’re going through at Philips Healthcare and how we’re using GraphQL to create value at every stage of the process. The aim of this talk is to share GraphQL use-cases in an enterprise environment. I will cover the major phases of the digital transformation process, the stakeholders involved and the GraphQL value add, including MVP creation, product iteration and unifying customer experience across products. I hope that the audience can take away learnings around how GraphQL can add value in their workplace, and how they can “sell” GraphQL to their team, especially in enterprise contexts.

Timings: 16:00 - 16:30 (Day 1)

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