Kiran Kumar Abburi

Kiran Kumar Abburi

Organiser of @ReactBangalore



Kiran Abburi is a Freelance developer and he primarily work with React, React Native and GraphQL. He also organises Reactjs Bangalore meetup and contributes to opensource.


Live Queries implementation with Apollo & GraphQL

Subscriptions are useful to implement real time updates. However, Implementing subscriptions is time consuming and hard to maintain. It also effects performance of app as the number of subscriptions increase. Live queries is an alternative proposal to implement real-time updates. @live directive on a regular GraphQL query makes it a Live Query. Frameworks should take care of keeping the data of live queries in sync between client and server. But Apollo don’t support live queries yet. So, we implemented our own live query system with GraphQL & Apollo. In this talk, I will present how to implement Live Query system that keeps data in sync between Client and server automatically.

Timings: 15:30 - 16:00 (Day 2)

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