Carlos Rufo

Carlos Rufo

OSS Developer



Carlos is a passionate developer and speaker aficionado. While he codes with different B/FE techs, his go-to for every project is his crush: GraphQL. He is very active in the GraphQL ecosystem where he has collaborated with across numerous internal and external projects, such as HowToGraphQL & SpaceX GraphQL API. In his free time he loves stargazing & rocket science, but mostly, help to build a community where everyone could learn about everything!


End-to-end Type-Safe GraphQL Apps

Discover all the steps & benefits for adding End-to-end Type-Safety to your GraphQL Apps with this demo-based lightning talk. At the end of such, you’ll want to refactor your codebase in order to take all the advantages of GraphQL, TypeScript & React working together on a SpaceX demo 🚀

Timings: 14:50 - 14:58 (Day 2)

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