Adam Miskiewicz

Adam Miskiewicz

Engineer, Airbnb



Adam Miskiewicz is an Engineer at Airbnb working primarily on Airbnb's emerging GraphQL infrastructure. Adam has over 12 years of experience building web and mobile applications, and has been using GraphQL in production since the day it was open-sourced. Adam lives in San Francisco with his lovely fiancé Ashly and their two Pomeranians, Ace and Jack.


Adopting GraphQL @ Airbnb

With the vibrant and growing GraphQL ecosystem and community, it's simpler than ever to start using GraphQL in your project. However, adopting GraphQL incrementally (and carefully!) in huge codebases powering large distributed systems is not quite as straightforward. We'll dive into how Airbnb is tackling this challenge, what we've learned so far, and how we plan to continue evolving our GraphQL infrastructure in the future.

Timings: 17:10 - 17:40 (Day 2)

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